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*Manager As Teacher.
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* What It Is.
Manager as Teacher is a learning strategy where managers view themselves as teachers and facilitators of the learning process. Each interaction is seen as a learning opportunity. Managers are also aware that they serve as powerful role models for individual learning.

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* When To Use It.
* To practice and demonstrate desired performance, behavior, and skills to employees.
* To set tone, pace, work habits, and behavior.

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* Consistently model the behaviors and skills that you want to see employees use.
* Set the tone for learning by taking calculated risks, acknowledging your own mistakes, and openly discussing what you have learned.
* Understand that people learn by doing. When you are intending to teach something through modeling, do it in a way that enables others to use the knowledge or practice the skill.
* Think of every interaction, meeting, job assignment, or event as a teaching opportunity. Ask yourself: "What lessons can be learned?" "How can we apply these lessons to future situations?"
* Take advantage of "teachable moments." That is, opportunities where you can drive home a learning point or reflect on a learning experience.
* Stay up-to-date on current organization and management approaches and technologies in your field through professional seminars, conferences, trade journals, and professional magazines.

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* Relationship To Other Learning Strategies.
As described below, learning strategies are often used in combination with one another or may be closely linked to one another.

Coaching: Coaching is a skill that the manager will use in his or her role as teacher.

Mentoring: Mentors "teach" through serving as role models and by providing guidance and advice. Mentoring is a specific form of Manager as Teacher.

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* Examples.
Federal Government Agencies

A manager increases the staff's problem-solving and decision-making abilities by teaching the staff how to use tools such as flowcharts, criteria matrices, multi-voting, and force field analysis.

Another Federal manager sets aside time on a regular basis to bring in subject-matter experts to share knowledge on current issues facing the staff.

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* Where To Go For More Information.
Web Resources

Ideas On the Learning Organizations: The What, Why, How, and Who (c) Copyright IBM Corp. 1994. All Rights Reserved.

The Leader's New Work Online Article by Peter Senge

Organizational and Managerial Culture as a Facilitator or Inhibitor of Organizational Learning Online Article by Edgar H. Schein


Vaill, P. Learning as a Way of Being: Strategies for Survival in a World of Permanent White Water. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1996.

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